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  • Okay fellow hunters, I am curious as to what you would consider the best pet. For PvE I am using BM, and for PvP I am using Survival.

    For PvP you need to use a Cunning type pet that has a sort if stun or Snare. (Spider or Crab)

    in PVE you need to see what buffs the raid are missing or maybe they need Heroism like buff.

    But generally for BM PVE you can’t go wrong with Ferocity pets for the “Rabid” boost buff, I personally prefer Spirit Beasts, or if u cant find one use cats, both of them have stealth bonus which gives u good bursting start, Spirit Beasts have extra healing ability. that’s the only difference between them and cats I think.

    Hunter Pet Buffs List

    PvE: BM – Corehound if there are no other players to provide the heroism buff. Chimaera for aoe fights. Quilien if sum1 else is providing a heroism buff. Spirit Beast if sum1 else is providing the Heroism Buff and you already have the maximum amount of players that can use a battle rez for the given fight.

    Surv/MM – Wolf gives a 5% melee, ranged, and spell crit increase. Since crit is the best secondary stat for both survival and marksmanship hunters this makes the Wolf the best pet for these specs.

    PvP: PvP is completely situational so it is impossible to select a pet that would truly be good at everything. I’ll try to give some useful tips on my favorite pets for certain situations.

    All Specs: Corehound useful in BG’s and world PvP only since you can’t activate Heroism in arenas. Also remember that it isn’t a great choice for Rated Battlegrounds since the second you pop Heroism an enemy priest will be waiting to cast Mass Dispel on your entire group. If you do go with the Corehound, then be sure to use the cooldown as often as you can. The worst thing you can possibly do is hold off on heroism even if your fighting another payer 1 on 1.

    Spirit Beast provide amazing versatility for pvp and would be my default pvp choice as a BM hunter since they are ferocity pets they dish out a ton of damage and they can provide a nice off-heal, as well as providing the rabid buff if I’m not mistaken.

    Direhorns can be used by all hunters but are still useful for BM hunters since they are the only pets with a spell reflect ability. I only recommend these for expert hunter pvpers since you need to stand behind the direhorn while it channels its abiity. With their loud stomping sounds they make intimidating pets if nothing else.

    Bird of Prey are perhaps the only pet I would consider to be as useful in pvp as a Spirit Beast. I cannot even stress how many times I have gotten jumped by a rogue or a warrior with what seems like limitless stuns only to have my bird jump em immediately and disarm them making them virtually harmless until their element of surprise wears off. To maximize your Bird of Prey’s PvP survivability try going with a Seagull. I caught one in 1K Needles and not only is a little tiny Bird of Prey extremely annoying when its constantly attacking you but its awfully difficult to target.

    sorry for the necro but how any hunter works in PvE is you ask your self the following questions if you answer with yes you pick the (Yes) option and (No) for no, Keep in mind that pet Specialities also have an effect on a pet, if you have a Fight with mostly Single target damage you use Ferocity, if there is a lot of target swapping you use Cunning.

    Do I need any buff?
    (yes) get out the missing buffs pet, (No)Are we short heroism or B res?
    (yes)take a corehound or quilen, (No) Is your group Mainly Caster/Spell dps?
    (Yes) Take a Dragonhawk or Wind Serpent (No)Take a Ravager

    also take into consideration if you have a pug tank or the tank is taking too much damage you might need to bring in a damage reduction pet I think they are bears and Carrion birds?

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