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  • Need help with some macros! I have tried to use macros in the past for my PVE Assassination spec but they don’t seem to work. Can anyone help me out?

    What macro are you having trouble with? Or what is it you want to do with a macro?

    Assassination doesn’t need many….

    @specialhugs — I want to have a macro that will cast my Shadow Blades, Vendetta, Expose Armor, Dismantle, Evasion, and Combat Readiness in an All-in-one macro. If it can be done.


    Don’t know why you would want to cast all of those at once or even at the same time.

    You’ll have to use a cast sequence macro, you’ll still have to hit the macro for as many abilities you have, but it’ll be all one button.

    Look it up on WoWwikki, should give you move indepth information on cast sequence macro writing.

    You can’t have all of those go off simultaneously due to the GCD they share.

    BOUNCE to get debuffs off of you as well as vanishing the hell out of there.

    showicon Vanish

    /cast Cloak of Shadows
    /cast Vanish

    since vanishing takes lopnger than cloak of shadows youre still able to pull another on off before wasting a prep- very useful in pvp

    other than that if youre engineering (which you should be) just macro you synapse springs on all attacks ( you can to just finishers but i would do all) which is super vital than just pressing on y our gloves icon.

    thats all i can think of atm.

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