SWTOR Sith Warrior Guide - 2.10.1

Stat Priority | Patch 2.10.1

Managing Primary (Aim, Cunning, Strength, Willpower) and Secondary (Accuracy, Critical Rating, Surge Rating, Power, Alacrity) stats is critical for maximizing your character. Mastering your Character Stats helps you pick gear and will improve your overall effectiveness as a Immortal spec Juggernaut (Sith Warrior.)

Stat Priority

Defense (21%) = Absorption (34%) = Shield (42%) > Endurance > Strength

Stat Summaries

Absorption Rating: Increases your Shield Absorption which determines the amount of damage mitigated by your shield. You want to balance Absorption Rating with Shield Rating. Shield Rating: Increases the Shield Chance for your shield to activate and mitigate incoming damage. You want to balance Shield Rating with Absorption Rating. Defense Rating: Increases your Defense Chance which allows you to avoid attacks completely. Endurance: Increases the amount of health you have and increases the speed of health regeneration. Strength: Increases the damage and healing done by your abilities and slightly improves your Critical Chance.