SWTOR Jedi Knight Guide - 2.10.1

Rotation & Cooldowns | Patch 2.10.1

A rotation is a system for ordering your abilities in a way that maximizes your damage, threat or healing. Mastering a rotation will help you to quickly prioritize abilities during actual encounters so that you will always have the highest possible output as a Combat spec Sentinel (Jedi Knight.)

Single Target

Single target rotations are designed for maximum damage, threat or healing on one target at a time. Single target rotations are more effective the longer you are able to focus on the same target.


Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage, threat, or healing on a single target.

  1. Zen
  2. Precision Slash + Master Strike +/- Blade Storm
  3. Dispatch when possible.
  4. Blade Storm with Opportune Attack
  5. Blade Rush to maintain buff and proc Opportune Attack
  6. Twin Saber Throw if okay to AoE.
  7. Zealous Strike or Strike

The key to the Combat spec Sentinel priority system is to remember the following:

  1. Use Zealous Strike or Strike if below 7 Focus.
  2. Maintain the buff from Zen .
  3. Use Precision Slash and follow with Master Strike . Try to squeeze in Blade Storm if buffed.
  4. Watch for Hand of Justice procs to allow for more frequent use of Dispatch .
  5. Maintain the Blade Rush buff to more quickly activate Opportune Attack .
  6. Follow the priority list and use higher priority abilities as often as possible.

Multiple Target (AoE)

Execute the following ability priority for optimal damage, threat, or healing on multiple targets.


  1. Zealous Strike
  2. Force Sweep
  3. Twin Saber Throw
  4. Cyclone Slash
  5. Strike

Burst Cooldowns

Burst cooldowns are used to increase your damage, threat or healing for a brief period of time.

Survivability Cooldowns

Survivability cooldowns help keep you alive and provide relief to healers.