SWTOR Jedi Consular Guide - 2.10.1

Stat Priority | Patch 2.10.1

Managing Primary (Aim, Cunning, Strength, Willpower) and Secondary (Accuracy, Critical Rating, Surge Rating, Power, Alacrity) stats is critical for maximizing your character. Mastering your Character Stats helps you pick gear and will improve your overall effectiveness as a Seer spec Sage (Jedi Consular.)

Stat Priority

Willpower >= Surge (75%) > Alacrity (8%) > Crit (22%) > Power

Stat Summaries

Willpower: Increases the damage and healing done by your abilities and slightly improves your Critical Chance.

Surge Rating: Increases the multiplier for damage done by a critical hit. Surge increases the amount of additional damage/healing done by a critical hit by up to an additional 50% damage/healing for critical hits that do up to 200% damage/healing.

Alacrity Rating: Reduces the activation time of abilities with a case time, reduces the global cooldown for instant abilities, and increases resource regeneration.

Critical Rating: Increases your chance for scoring a critical hit. A base critical hit does an additional 50% damage/healing for a minimum of 150% damage/healing on a critical attack.

Power/Force Power: Increases the damage/healing done by your abilities.