PvP, Structured PvP

Structured PvP (sPvP) is the formal battleground or arena style PvP in Guild Wars 2. This guide offers an overview of the different types of sPvP in the game.

What is sPvP?

sPvP is short for “Structured PvP” which is a Player vs Player gameplay mode which supports competitive small group PvP. To join any type of sPvP game, you must first visit the Heats of the Mists PvP lobby. You may access the Hearts of the Mists by accessing your Hero Panel [H], and then clicking on the swords icon. Click on “Go to the Heart of the Mists” and you will be teleported to the PvP lobby!

What makes sPvP in Guild Wars 2 different from other MMOs?

sPvP in Guild Wars 2 puts all players on an even footing regardless of how much they PvP or how many games they’ve won. This effect is primarily achieved through the PvP gear system. Basically, every player is given a standard set of PvP gear and PvP upgrades do not under any circumstance increase your character’s attributes, damage, or survivability. Instead, PvP gear upgrades are entirely cosmetic. This system places a high emphasis on player skill as there is no amount of gear that will make your character stronger.

What is hot join?

Hot join is the more casual form of sPvP. Hot join games are open to anyone and allow you to quickly join one of many sPvP matches in progress. The rewards for hot join games are not as bountiful as tournament play. You may view current hot join games at the PvP Browser NPC in the Heart of the Mists PvP lobby.

What are tournaments?

Tournament play is highly structured PvP that pits teams of 5 players against each other in a series of three-round, single-elimination bouts. Each round is played in a different sPvP map. The winner of the bout moves on and the loser is kicked out of the tournament.

Tournaments come in a couple of different formats.

  • Free Quick: Accepts any set of players and form teams as needed to fill out the tournament. Awards tournament tickets.
  • Paid Quick: Registration requires 25 tournament tickets per team

Tournament winner are rewarded with a Tournament Chest that contains more rewards than are offered in other types of sPvP. You may join tournaments at the Tournament Master NPC in the Heart of the Mists PvP lobby.

What are the rewards for doing sPvP?

Participation in sPvP rewards players with Glory and Rank. Glory is used to purchase cosmetic PvP equipment upgrades from Glory vendors. PvP Rank is earned as you obtain Glory. Each Rank is associated with an animal starting with Rabbits and ending at Dragons. Additionally, each Rank grants access to a new finishing move that is customized to reflect your Rank’s animal.

It is important to note that Rank and Glory are shared across your entire Guild Wars 2 account and are not specific to a single character. All of your characters will contribute to your PvP progress!