Guild Wars 2 Closure

On May 15, the Noxxic team made the decision to close our Guild Wars 2 site effective immediately. It has always been our goal to provide the best content possible for the games we cover and this was becoming increasingly difficult to do for GW2. We have decided that we would rather end our GW2 support than provide incomplete or out-of-date content for a game.

Ultimately, GW2 proved to be a game that might not have been the best fit for Noxxic. The end-game of GW2 is not as competitive or high-stakes as other MMOs. In our opinion, this lack of competition has led to a general lack of interest in end-game builds and guides. In many ways, ArenaNet succeeded in their promise to make most builds viable, but at the same time they limited the opportunity for fansites to provide support to players.

Noxxic is not alone in ending support for GW2. Many of the resources we used, like,,,,, and others have all slowly tapered off their support for GW2 and have not managed to update for the April 15 feature pack a month after its release. Developing content for a game with limited fansite support, outdated build calculators, and inaccurate databases leads to a low quality product that we no longer wish to deliver.

We have many exciting plans for the future of Noxxic and do not consider the closure of our GW2 guides to be a setback. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Closing our GW2 guides, while difficult, allows us to dedicate more time to our other games while completing the largest site overhaul and redesign in Noxxic’s history. We’ll have more to say about the redesign soon, but we can promise it’s going to be epic.