Patch 7.0.3 – Noxxic WoW Updates

Hello! Note: This article will be updated frequently below. See ‘Update Log’ It’s been a while, as things have been smooth and steady for World of Warcraft. There’s been so few actual class adjustments over the past year, and since Class Guides are our focus, it’s given us very little to talk about! But now […]

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Patch 6.2.3 is live! View Class Changes

Patch 6.2.3 is now live, and in it came a few buffs to several classes. We’ve updated all DPS PvE guides and features (including DPS Rankings) with fresh data from SimC for all guide configurations. Update: November 17th @ 7PM PST – We’ve updated all guides including all Tank PvE guides and all of their […]

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Legion: WoW xpac announced!

The new World of Warcraft expansion “Legion” was announced yesterday, and we’re pumped to hear about the new Demon Hunter class. Dope! We’ve also been working on Noxxic 3.0, a mini expansion for Noxxic in itself. Before Legion is live, you can expect some awesome changes to Noxxic in regards to the class guides, Rankings, […]

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Patch 6.2 Updates & Progress

We’ve added two new item levels to the SimC-based guides & tools, item level 705 and 720, to accommodate for higher levels of gear now obtainable. Earlier this week when patch 6.2 went live, we updated the SimulationCraft database with the data we had developed from PTR. In the meantime, we had been running new […]

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Just wanted to post an update on what’s going on with SWTOR: Earlier this year it became clear support for SWTOR online was dwindling (item database websites, fan-sites,) as was the internal interest behind Noxxic. This isn’t uncommon as the same thing happened to GW2. When a game shows age and subscribers/overall interests stop growing, […]

Guides & Rankings iLvls Tweaked

Just a quick update that we’ve moved our previous 666 item level option to 670, and our 680 option to 685, and beefed up the BiS profiles to better compensate for the increased item levels available in the game. These changes will affect guide settings, dps rankings, and the talent calculator for dps estimates. 4/1/2015 […]

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Guides & Rankings Update

This is a quick notice that we updated our World of Warcraft SimulationCraft database last night with fresh data. This round of data reflects the latest hotfixes for Patch 6.1 from March 6th. This affects all guides and tools that are based on SimulationCraft. Specifically: DPS/Tank PvE Class Guides, DPS Rankings, Talent Calculator, and Build […]

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Early 6.1 Updates

With Patch 6.1 slated for release on February 24th (US,) we’ve been hard at work grinding out 6.1 data from SimulationCraft using the latest PTR builds. We’ve just updated the class guides and tools (dps rankings, talent calc) with our 6.1 database and plan to make continual updates throughout the week as SimC continues to […]

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Determining Gear Upgrades w/ Pawn

Hi all! I wanted to feature an Addon we use heavily, as it is key for making optimal gear choices. What Pawn does is uses stat weights to value items, determining whether a new item is an upgrade, or helping you see which of two items you should use. This saves you from doing the […]

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Noxxic: Diablo 3 Recruiting

Greetings, We are now recruiting for Diablo 3 class experts, enthusiasts, and theorycrafters. This is an opportunity to contribute to Diablo 3 and it’s community, and to get involved with us at Noxxic. Solid recruits will get monetization options for their content and other potential perks, we’re flexible and want to make great new relationships. […]