Gladiator Warrior DPS?

Some of you may have noticed that we published updated DPS Rankings yesterday with a new Gladiator Warrior DPS spec. What is this new spec and why did we add it? Well, this chart should make it clear why we thought Gladiators deserve their own guide. A Gladiator Warrior is a DPS focused Protection spec […]

PvE Tank guides now configurable!

With a month under our belts using the new DPS configurable guide feature, we’ve been hard at work to introduce the same feature for tanks. Tanks were not as straight-forward as DPS as there are more factors at play. Factors like consistent damage taken, spike damage taken, damage per second (+threat generation) etc. As a […]

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Enter Dark Portal, take a screenshot & win a shirt!

Warlords of Draenor is right around the corner… The Dark Portal will finally open! To celebrate the launch of the expansion, has teamed up with Noxxic to give away free shirts… epic! Win an Alliance, Horde or Noxxic Shirt For a chance to win a free Horde, Alliance, or Noxxic t-shirt, all you have […]

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Warcraft Q&A Panel

The Warcraft developers took questions from the community in this BlizzCon panel. Highlights included plans for transmog collections, developer interest in large scale social content, and the curious lack of bacon in game. No plans for a third spec. They want to see new armor silhouettes. No concrete plans to release that yet, but they’re thinking […]

Warcraft Items and Class Changes Panel

The Items and Class Changes panel at BlizzCon largely focused on changes made in preparation for next week’s Warlords of Draenor expansion. Here are the highlights from the panel. Class Design Changes The developers wanted to re-evaluate what makes classes fun, improve the balance between class and encounter mechanics, stop the PvP arms race, reduce […]

Diablo Panel at BlizzCon

The Diablo panel at BlizzCon previewed new monsters and items for patch 2.1.2, along with changes to the randomness and distribution of monsters, rift guardians, and level layouts. In Patch 2.1.2, you can expect new visually-distinct treasure goblins to chase: the gem hoarder, the odious collector, and the blood thief. They’ll drop gems, crafting materials, […]

Highlights from BlizzCon’s Opening Ceremony

The Noxxic team is here at BlizzCon, bringing you all the latest news and developments, straight from the convention floor. The opening ceremony gave us glimpses of new things coming in 2015, including the first original Blizzard universe in 17 years: Overwatch. Overwatch A team-based multiplayer sci fi shooter, Overwatch looks like a distinctively-Blizzard take […]

Hotfixes: October 29

Blizzard published a number of hotfixes aimed at improving balance (and Balance) among DPS specs at level 100. But, these changes will definitely impact DPS level 90 as well. We’re working on incorporating these hotfixes into our DPS and Build Rankings as soon as possible and will announce when the new numbers are available. In […]

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Patch 6.0.3

Patch 6.03 today will correct several bugs, in addition to implementing a few more quality of life (or shall we say quality of transmog runs?) changes. Maintenance? Consider it extended. Highlights If you completed the Blasted Lands quests and didn’t receive any rewards, head back to your faction’s quest area–a vendor will hook you up […]

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WoD Level 100 DPS Preview

It’s no surprise that we love SimulationCraft at Noxxic. We use the program heavily in the development of our configurable guides and to help us research the latest and greatest in theorycrafting information. We are actively working on our level 100 guides in prep for Warlords of Draenor and are running a lot of sims […]

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