Patch 6.0.2 is here! Update status

We’ve been hard at work getting things ready for this patch, and the bulk of the updates are done. The guide adaptability feature will be disabled while we wait for SimulationCraft updates to slow down (still many updates being made as 6.0.2 was several builds above PTR.) Currently we’re aiming to have it back up […]

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SWTOR Players: Get Epic With Us!

We spent a lot of time re-building the back-end of Noxxic to better support new ideas and content. While the new SWTOR stuff for Noxxic is still in progress, a lot has still changed. We now have a much better system in place to improve on and build on the SWTOR Noxxic website. Shadow of […]

Adjustable Guides: FAQs & Info

This article will be maintained and updated as needed, explaining the basics of what the new Noxxic ‘adaptable’ guides are, what they do, and how they address a common flaw in online class guides. Use the following index to navigate through the questions. Online Class Guide flaws on other sites Adjustability solution Benefits of iLvl […]

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Noxxic 2.0 is live!

I’m very pleased to finally be typing this article. Outside of maintaining and updating content, we’ve been playing around with tons of ideas for the past year. Noxxic has been an incredibly fun concept for gravnox and I to work on; What can be done with this website is limitless and we thought a lot […]

Guild Wars 2 Closure

On May 15, the Noxxic team made the decision to close our Guild Wars 2 site effective immediately. It has always been our goal to provide the best content possible for the games we cover and this was becoming increasingly difficult to do for GW2. We have decided that we would rather end our GW2 […]

WoW 5.2 Updates

Updated #5 — March 17, 2013 DPS & Build Rankings + Talent Calculator data now includes RPPM and trinket proc changes announced on March 14, 2013. Update #4 — March 13, 2013 DPS & Build Rankings + Talent Calculator data now includes hotfixes from March 12, 2013. Update #3 — March 9, 2013 DPS & […]

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Talent Calculator, DPS & Build Rankings

If you’ve been using Noxxic for awhile now, you’ve probably noticed we love dropping huge updates to the site. We’re pretty excited about this one, and we’ll go over some key changes in this post. We felt it’d be cool to add sections for players to see the data and SimulationCraft results that are produced […]

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SWTOR Site Updated

With SWTOR 2.0 announced and just around the corner, this is the perfect time to launch a major Noxxic update. It allows us some time to help grow membership on the SWTOR discussion boards and time to start working on a big content update for when the 2.0 expansion goes live. We know that a […]

Diablo 3 Site & Guides Updated

Last year was a big step forward for Noxxic when we decided to support more games, especially Diablo 3 because it was not a traditional MMORPG like the other games that we were supporting (World of Warcraft and SWTOR). It’s been a learning experience trying to create and maintain class guides for Diablo 3, and […]

GW2 Site Updated + New Content

Guild Wars 2 represents a turning point in the future of MMORPGs, forcing us to adapt to it’s unique style and making it challenging to create tailored end-game Profession guides that represent optimal gameplay and performance. With the core of Noxxic updated to support future sections and ideas, we reconstructed the Profession guides to be […]