Boons & Conditions

Boons and Conditions

Boons and Conditions are central to combat in Guild Wars 2 and the proper use of Boons and Conditions can easily determine your fate in battle. There are a limited number of Boons and Conditions in the game and learning how each of them works is critical to being an effective player.


Boons, or Buffs, boost your effectiveness in a variety of ways. There are 9 different Boons in Guild Wars 2 that are shared by all classes, and with the exception of Regeneration and Retaliation, Boons do not scale with your stats and apply with the same strength every time from any player. Boons may stack in intensity (get stronger) or in duration (last longer).

Aegis: Blocks the next incoming attack. Does not stack.
Protection: 33% damage reduction. Stacks in duration.
Regeneration: Regenerates health per second. Stacks in duration.
Retaliation: Reflects damage back to an opponent when they attack you. Stacks in duration.
Stability: Immunity to knock down, push back, launch, stun, daze, float, sink, and fear. Does not stack.
Swiftness: 33% movement speed increase. Stacks in duration.
Vigor: Increased Endurance regeneration. Stacks in duration.


Conditions, or Debuffs, cause a negative effect on their target. There are 11 different Conditions in Guild Wars 2 that are shared by all classes. The damage dealt by Conditions scales with the Condition Damage (Malice) stat and the duration of Conditions scales with the Condition Duration (Expertise) stat. Power and Precision have no effect on Condition damage or duration.

Conditions may stack in intensity (get stronger) or in duration (last longer). A benefit of Condition based damage is that it ignores your target’s Armor, but leaves time for your Conditions to be removed or converted into Boons.

Bleeding: Inflicts damage every second. Stacks in intensity.
Blind: Causes the target’s next attack to miss. Does not stack.
Burning: Inflicts damage every second. Stacks in duration.
Chilled: 66% reduction in movement speed and skill recharge. Stacks in duration.
Confusion: Inflicts damage for each skill used. Stacks in intensity.
Crippled: 50% reduction in movement speed.
Fear: Causes the target to run away. Does not stack.
Immobilized: Roots the target in place and prevents Dodging. Stacks in duration.
Poison: Inflicts damage per second and reduces healing by 33%. Stacks in duration.
Torment: Inflicts damage per second and deals additional damage if the target is moving. Stacks in intensity.
Vulnerability: Increases damage taken by 1% per stack. Stacks in intensity.
Weakness: Causes 50% of attacks to be glancing blows (deal 50-75% of normal damage) and reduces Endurance regeneration by 50%.

Converting Boons and Conditions

Many skills and traits in Guild Wars 2 are capable of converting Boons into Conditions or Conditions into Boons. These conversions follow a specific mapping so that you can reliably convert between Boons and Conditions based on your needs in a fight.

Converting Boons and Conditions is based on a priority system with higher priority effects converted before lower priority effects. Also, the result of converting a Boon/Condition does not change based on the intensity or duration of the source Boon/Condition. As an example, converting Bleeding with 1 stack or 25 stacks will both result in a Regeneration Boon with a 5 sec duration.

The following tables lists Boon and Condition conversions in order from highest to lowest conversion priority.

  • Boon >> Condition
  • ProtectionVulnerability (10s)
  • SwiftnessCripple (5s)
  • RegenerationPoison (10s)
  • RetaliationConfusion (5s)
  • FuryBlind (5s)
  • MightWeakness (10s)
  • AegisBurning (3s)
  • VigorBleeding (10s)
  • StabilityFear (1s)
  • Condition >> Boon
  • BleedingRegeneration (5s)
  • CrippledSwiftness (5s)
  • VulnerabilityProtection (3s)
  • PoisonRegeneration (5s)
  • BlindFury (5s)
  • WeaknessMight (10s)
  • BurningRegeneration (5s)
  • ImmobilizedSwiftness (5s)
  • ChilledSwiftness (5s)
  • ConfusionRegeneration (5s)
  • FearNo conversion.