Diablo 3 Wizard Guide - 2.1.1

Diablo 3 Wizard | Reaper of Souls - Updated to Patch 2.1.1


This guide is updated and maintained with the latest information for Stat Priorities, Weapon Priorities, and effective builds for each mode. The information in this guide is designed to work from low levels all the way to the max level of 70.

All level 30+ builds are ranked by popularity, and you can post your preferred build in the forums, where it could end up on the official guides.

Legendary Farming & More

For maximizing your legendary item drop rate and gold amount, check out the Noxxic recommended farming routes by watching these video guides: Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. You can also find guides for unlocking Whimsyshire (Rainbow Land), for recommended stat amounts to better survive in Inferno, and much more under the 'Gameplay' section in the very top menu.

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To browse through this Diablo 3 Wizard guide use the blue tab buttons found above. Forums are available if you have any questions or suggestions!