Levels 15-24 (2.1)

Level 15 Build:

Level 15-19 Changes:

Level 15
No changes.

Level 16
Equip Weapons Master in the place of Ruthless.

Level 17
Equip Threatening Shout in the place of Ground Stomp.

Level 18
Add [R] Reaping Swing to Cleave.

Level 19
Equip Earthquake.
Add [R] Blood Lust to Rend.
Add [R] Blood LawIncrease healing to 4% of maximum Life for each enemy hit. to Revenge.

Level 20 Build:

Level 20-24 Changes:

Level 20
Equip Inspiring Presence.

Level 21
Equip Furious Charge in the place of Leap.

Level 22
Equip Battle Rage in the place of Threatening Shout.

Level 23
No changes.

Level 24
Add [R] Giants Stride to Earthquake.