Noxxic is an online resource for a select number of online multiplayer games, focusing on wide variety of character optimization and gameplay guides.

The guides on Noxxic are developed through the use of “simulation” software (software that replicate the inner workings of a game,) game-specific spread sheets, in-game testing, and online research and discussion. With constant discussion on Noxxic forums, online boards, e-mails, IRC chats and more, the guides and tools on Noxxic are constantly evolving and updating.



Noxxic was created in March 2011. Created as a side project during college by Zac (@revnox,) it started as an end-game Class Guide website for PvE World of Warcraft: Cataclysm players, focusing on providing a class guide for all 30+ specs in the game on a single website. Using quick-to-use navigation and easy-to-understand guide formats, the website soon caught on with players and became a popular World of Warcraft resource.


Zac linked up with Tyler (@gravnox) who was equipped with epic theorycraft knowledge and extensive gaming history. Tyler and Zac started working on new games and created the sites and guides for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Diablo III and more.


Noxxic was updated to include user profiles, forums, game-tools such as WoW DPS Rankings, DPS Calculator and more. By late 2013, the concept for Noxxic was re-imagined and new features, ideas and sections went into work.


In early fall 2014, Noxxic was updated with many new changes and a new infrastructure. This update introduced a new look, site plan, upgraded guide concepts, and new enhanced features, with much more in development.